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All BW should play new sherwood mainly. Our new recruitment room is 77 and the base as always is only told to members (if u need to know find me or another BW).

The SS (special service) will be the BW presence in old sherwood they will filter people from there into new aswell - the (SS-C) will be incharge of the clan in classic when a higher member is not there.

To be a full member of BW in new you must be level 10 minimum. If you are not you can still have -BW on your name but will not be a full member until you reach level 10.

We will hold a tournament every week to decide promotions.

Codes for bases in new:

note: the bases are numbers but the letter represents the number if you are bw and need to know find a bw member and go t oa room where no1 is

Base Z - where new recruits are brought (still told in secret but this room is more of a meeting room for BW than a base)

below are only told to full BW members (been BW for longer than a week and are lvl 10+)

Base A

Base G

Base D

Base O

Base R

Base X

Base H

War cry, said during battle: ~BW Excelsior~